Having a properly installed irrigation system is key to yard and landscape growth success.  With so many options out there in head, spray, and area coverage design, we’ll make sure to design your system to be as efficient as possible.  There’s no shortcuts we take, and we only use the best materials and parts available.

Our irrigation systems are designed to meet your watering needs whether you’re tapped into to the area water supply, or on a well.  Does your well not produce enough gallons per minute to allow an irrigation system?  If so we can help.  We’ll spec out what will work and make you aware of what to expect.

IMG_0754Your area coverage and flow rate will dictate how many zones you’ll end up with in your irrigation system.  We’ll be happy to install area specific zones to cover landscape/flower beds separate than yard zones.  We can make your system as custom as you’d like, it will just depend on your current and future goals.

Modern irrigation control boxes offer multiple watering times and duration and are programmable daily.  When you have your irrigation system installed by us, we’ll go over step by step how to setup your system and help plan irrigation times to ensure the best coverage at the best times.  New yards do require more water to better allow the grass to take root.  As the grass begins to establish itself, you’ll be able to taper down water times and duration.

If you’d like additional zones added to your preexisting system, we can do that also.  We cannot price over the phone additional zones added to systems we didn’t originally install.  The reason is, we need to make sure your system can be added onto without major modification, and that your current system is in good working order.

Please call us today to have one of our installers schedule an appointment to go over your irrigation goals.