IMG_0773Having a covered outdoor living space is essential given the heat and high temperature days we receive here in Texas.  There are many types of pergolas/arbors on the market.  They can range from full to partial coverage.  If you're thinking you need more shade areas, please give us a call.  We can help.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the style and placement of your outdoor covered space.  Location in relation to sunrise/sunset must be considered.  When do you plan to spend time outdoors?

There are different materials we can use to construct your pergola, and the most common is cedar.  Cedar brings a rich, warm feel to an outdoor space and offers great protection from the elements and insects.  To stain or not to stain - depends on how you want your structure to look.

You can add all sorts of custom options from rock columns to custom hardware.  Want a truly unique pergola?  Let us design yours with custom wood features and end cuts.

If you want a truly unique and highly functional outdoor living area, let us design your structure partially covered.  Here's an idea: how about a partially covered area for seating with a custom rock fire pit, and an attached fully covered area for your outdoor kitchen?  Let's take it a step further: how about a solid side wall and half back wall with a custom rock fireplace in the corner.  We can even mount a TV for a truly usable and functional space.

If you're wanting something unique and one of a kind, please contact us!  We'll make sure you're satisfied.