New Construction

83d3361c5ead2a67543d5f18e063d516l-m29xd-w1020_h770_q80We're here to make your pool designs and dreams come to life.  In fact, having a pool installed is easier than you think.  There are things to consider and question before and while we design your pool.  These questions to ask yourself are: what type of pool do I desire? and what will my pool be primarily used for?  For example, if you plan to entertain or have a large family, you may need more decking and seating areas to accommodate guests.  We'll help you make the right decisions based on your specific needs and wants.

During the design process, we'll layout your pool in 3D to help you visualize your imagination.  We'll also be able to layout custom details, landscaping, outdoor living spaces so you'll know what you're getting before we break ground.  Once the design is complete and you're ready, we'll layout the pool area with you in your backyard, just to make sure it feels right.

Before and during construction we'll keep you in involved every step.  Construction areas are dangerous and we'll do our best to ensure your job runs smooth and timely.

1234713_642142999153238_1267885510_nAs construction nears completion, we'll start talking to you about proper maintenance and pool care to make sure you're comfortable taking care of your new pool.  Pools nowadays run more efficiently and smoother than years ago, but a good basic understanding on "how it works" is sure to make you at ease.

After your pool is complete we'll start your system up and make sure everything is perfect.  At this time we'll show you proper cleaning techniques and go over basic care again.

We're here for you both before and after your pool construction.  We don't believe in taking your money and hitting the door at completion.  We built our business on word-of-mouth referrals and look forward to gaining another satisfied customer.